Cutting Edge Machinery joins the team at Precimax

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Exciting times recently at Precimax.  Unwrapping, installing and commissioning into production two brand new Sumitomo EV-A all electric moulding machines.  Including the SE500EV-A, the largest of its type in SA.  They are already humming along, delivering improved cycle times and perfect parts every shot.

These machines help us to secure a sustainable future, providing our customers with reliable, local access to high precision moulding technology with significant reductions in environmental impact and energy requirements.  Not to mention that being a local producer means your products spend far less time sitting around in containers soaking up your precious working capital.

Sumitomo EV-A all electric machines require significantly less power to operate than their hydraulic ancestors.  High efficiency servo motors and clever cams doing the job large hydraulic cylinders used to.  Removing all those hydraulics also means significantly less water use, up to 90%, because there are no more large intercoolers for the oil reservoir.  Of course, there is no longer any need to dispose of the waste hydraulic oil either, which keeps our maintenance crews and the environment in good spirits. 

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Clever design even minimises grease and lubrication requirements which improves the cleanliness of the equipment and provides the maximum possible uptime.  It is a fair bet that these won’t be the last all electric machines you find on the floor at Precimax.

Beyond the economics of these machines, the ‘Zero Moulding’ technologies built into the controllers not only adapt over time to maintain high product quality, they optimise their use of clamp force for each mould to maximise the life of the parting lines and clamping surfaces of your tooling.  The same servo motors that reduce electricity requirements are also extremely precise, allowing optimum opening and closing speeds with soft stops so moving parts in your tools get less wear and tear.

These new additions to our team support clamp forces up to 500T with generous platen sizes and fine control of tolerances.  Contact Peter McCall to discuss how Precimax and our new EV-A machines can help deliver the products you and your customers need in full and on time, every time.